Clumax Diagnostics Price and Centres in Bangalore [2023]

Free Online Doctor Consultation Through MFine - Clumax Diagnostics, Bangalore!
Free Online Doctor Consultation Through MFine – Clumax Diagnostics, Bangalore!

Clumax Diagnostics is one of the most reputed and trusted chains of diagnostic service providers in Bangalore. They provide the latest and advanced technology machines for services like MRI scan, CT scan, USG, X-ray, and other radiology tests. Clumax Diagnostics is focused on customer satisfaction, as a result, there are nearly 1000+ positive feedbacks from the customers regarding their premium quality service.

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Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar Price List

Clumax Diagnostics has very high-tech equipment for scanning that includes an MRI scan, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray, HSG test, Dexa, ECHO, Endoscopy, HIDA scan, Mammography, and many more.

We have listed down the most frequently booked tests at Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar in the following table.

MRI Scan Cost In Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar.

MRI Scan in Bangalore Price Starting From
3T MRI Scan Angiography Brain Without Contrast₹10500
3T MRI Scan Angiography Neck₹13800
3T MRI Scan Angiography Neck Without Contrast₹10600
3T MRI Scan Ankle Joint₹8500
3T MRI Scan Brain₹8500
3T MRI Scan Breast₹13800
3T MRI Scan Chest₹8500
3T MRI Scan Hip Joint₹8500
3T MRI Scan KUB₹8500
MRI ls Spine₹7800
MRI Scan Ankle Joint₹8500
MRI Scan Brain₹7800
MRI Scan Whole Spine ₹15900
MRI Scan T M Joint₹8500
MRI Scan Thigh₹8500
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen₹17000
Neck MRI₹7300

CT Scan Cost In Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar.

CT Scan in Bangalore Price Starting From
Coronary Calcium Scan₹4000
CT Coronary Angiography₹11500
CT Scan Ankle₹5300
CT Scan Brain₹4000
CT Scan Brain Angiography₹10600
CT Scan Bronchoscopy₹9100
CT Scan Chest₹6600
CT Scan Cisternography₹9600
CT Scan Enteroclysis₹9000
CT Scan Guided Biopsy₹5300
CT Scan Guided FNAC₹7500
CT Scan Hip Joint₹5300
CT Scan KUB₹4000
CT Scan Lower Abdomen₹6000
CT Scan Neck₹5300
CT Scan Pituitary₹5300
CT Scan PNS₹7400
HRCT Scan Chest₹7000
CT Scan Whole Abdomen₹8500
CT Scan Upper Abdomen₹8000

Ultrasound Price In Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar.

Ultrasound Scans in Bangalore Price Starting From
DOPPLER Carotid₹2600
DOPPLER Obstetric₹2200
Ultrasound Breast Both₹1500
Ultrasound-Guided Fnac₹2100
Ultrasound KUB₹1100
Ultrasound Level 2₹2200
Ultrasound Neck₹1400
Ultrasound NT Scan₹1700
Ultrasound Pelvis₹1100
Ultrasound Obstetrics₹1100
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen₹1200
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen₹1100

X-ray Scan Price In Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar.

X-ray Scan in Bangalore Price Starting From
X-Ray Ankle Joint Lateral View₹400
X-Ray Ankle Joint Lateral and AP View₹800
X-Ray Ankle Joint AP View₹400
X-Ray AP View₹400
X-Ray Chest AP View₹400
X-Ray Coccyx AP View₹400
X-Ray Ivp₹3400
X-Ray MCU₹3800
X-Ray OPG₹400
X-Ray RGU₹3800

Other Medical Tests Price In Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar.

Radiology Tests in Bangalore Price Starting From
TMT Test₹1530
VEP / Visual Evoked Potential₹1800
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Two Site₹3240
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Whole Body₹3960
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – One Site₹1530
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Spine₹1620
ECHO Test₹1530
EEG Test₹1980
ECG Test₹270
PFT ( Pulmonary Function Test )₹720
HSG Test₹3600
Mammography Breast Both₹2700

About Clumax Diagnostics 

Medall Clumax Diagnostics is one of the most reputed and familiar scan centers for performing various radiology as well as pathology tests in Bangalore. Also, Clumax has advanced mechanisms especially for MRI technology and It has been a pioneer in the South Indian laboratory networks. They focus on customer service and diagnosis accuracy. They have 8 centers spread across Bangalore that caters to 1600 tests on a daily basis. With Medall, the Indian population now has increased access to the first level and standardized healthcare.

In Bangalore, Clumax Diagnostics has four centers

  • Jayanagar
  • Indiranagar
  • Sadhashivnagar
  • Marathahalli.

Clumax Diagnostics, Jayanagar – Location & Timings


  • Lakshmi Towers, 68/150/3 Sri, 9th Main Rd, Jayanagar East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011.


  • Weekdays & Saturdays – 7:00 am To 8:00 pm
  • Sundays – 7:00 am To 3:00 pm

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