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Lowest CT scan cost in Ahmedabad!
Lowest CT scan cost in Ahmedabad!

A Computed Tomography scan is abbreviated as a CT scan. This scan is an effective mechanism to project the visuals of the inner parts of your body. CT scan is a combination of a special computer and an X-ray machine to create images of bones and organs under the tissue.

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CT Scan in Ahmedabad by MFine

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The following is the list of the most common CT scans done in Ahmedabad and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.

CT Scan Cost in Ahmedabad Starting From
CT Brain Price in Ahmedabad ₹1056
CT Ankle Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600
CT KUB Price in Ahmedabad ₹2800 
CT Chest Price in Ahmedabad ₹2850 
HRCT Chest Price in Ahmedabad ₹2320
CT Shoulder Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600
CT Hip Joint Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600
CT Whole Abdomen Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600
CT Leg Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600
CT Neck Price in Ahmedabad ₹3600

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High Quality And Certified Labs In Ahmedabad

Surryam Imaging

Surryam Imaging was established in the year 2016, it is a one-stop destination for all the healthcare services. They believe that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, which helped them to garner a vast base of customers. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.

Branches Of Surryaam Imaging

Surryaam Imaging, Asarwa – 1st & 2nd Floor, Sparsh Complex, Opposite Civil Hospital Gate No 4, Near Indian Oil Petrol Pump Asarwa, Ahmedabad – 380018.

Surryaam Imaging, Narol – Ground Floor, Avtaar Hotel, 1, Suflam Estate, Isanpur Narol Highway Narol, Ahmedabad – 382405.

Gujarat Imaging Center

Gujarat Imaging Center established in the year 2000 and it is well known for providing high-quality medical imaging services to its customers. GIC’s aim is to help doctors to diagnose accurately and with more confidence so that they can apply the best treatment for a patient’s condition.

Location – First Floor, Samved Hospital, Stadium, Commerce College Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380007.

Sadbhav Imaging Center

Sadbhav Imaging Center is a flagship of Gujarat Imaging Center and it offers professional medical imaging services. This institution serves as a one-stop destination for all kinds of medical diagnostic services. The atmosphere is comfortable and warm thus helping the patients to relax and feel easy while doctors carry out various diagnostic tests and procedures.

Location – Government Ladies Hostel, Ground Shaival Plaza, Sheth Mangaldas Rd, behind Gujarat College, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380007.

Maninagar Imaging Center

Maninagar Imaging Center established in the year 2013 and it is a top player in CT and MRI scan services. They believe that customer satisfaction is important which helps to build trust in their patients. The staffs in the institution are well trained and professional at providing any assistance.

Location – Ground floor, Sukhan enclave, Bhairavnath Rd, Kankaria, Maninagar, Ahmedabad – 380007.

House Of Imaging

House of Imaging was established in 2016 in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad and is a leading player in radiology services like MRI, CT, Sonography, and X-Ray. Their goal is to provide high-quality integrated healthcare and medical services to the public. The doctors and staffs in the center are well qualified and highly experienced, providing premium service with the best advice and clear understanding. 

Location – Ground floor, Digvijay Lions Foundation, Opp. Civil Hospital Gate No.3,  Asarwa Chakla, Ahmedabad – 380016.

Frequently Asked Questions about CT Scan

CT Scan in Ahmedabad
CT Scan in Ahmedabad

What Are The Body Parts Covered In CT?

The CT scan is a high-tech mechanism that can be used to examine the blood vessels, bones, and soft tissues in different parts of the human anatomy. The CT scan is commonly prescribed to visualize

  • Heart
  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Abdomen
  • Spine
  • Chest
  • Knee

Why Is A CT Scan Done?

The CT scan helps to detect and diagnose various diseases. It is also prescribed to assess any bone damage or injuries. It is an effective tool to

  • Diagnose bone and muscle disorders. e.g. fractures, bone tumors, etc
  • Locate the tumor, infection, etc
  • Examine the blood vessels
  • Monitor the progress of the ongoing treatment of the medical prognosis
  • Plan for guided biopsies
  • Detect internal injuries or bleeding

Most importantly, the CT scan is done in an emergency situation as the results of the imaging process are quick compared to MRI or any other imaging process.

How To Prepare For The Scan?

Generally, to take a CT scan, you can continue with your regular activities, it does not require any special arrangements or diet before the scan. For better and enhanced images you may be requested to change into loose clothing i.e. a gown provided by the lab. Carrying metallic contents inside the CT room will not be allowed as they may interfere with the machine’s radio waves, leading to incorrect imaging.

For CT scan with contrast, a contrasting dye may be used to generate enhanced images of the scanned body part. It may be either injected in your vein or given as a capsule orally. So in the case of contrast CT scans, you will be given additional information and instructions regarding it from your doctor.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

CT scan is a comprehensive imaging process but quick and non-invasive. It uses the X-Ray mechanism to create images of the body parts. The machine has a table attached to it(for the patient to lie down). The horizontal table then goes into the center of the CT machine to produce images.

The X-ray tool in the CT machine circulates around the body part that is to be examined and takes several pictures in slices. The machine will exhibit a clicking and whirring sound throughout the procedure. The table might move front and back to get a complete image of the body part.

It is vital not to change positions or move your body, remaining still throughout the procedure is a must. Sometimes, you may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds to erect a comprehensive picture.

A radiologist will be observing the whole test procedure from the nearby chamber with the help of a mic and speakers

It usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete a CT scan.

What Are The Risks Involved?

The CT scan doesn’t have any serious risk involved, however, that can be limited. CT scan is generally considered safe imaging. But if you take multiple CT scans within a short period or regularly, there are chances of developing cancer as the X-ray used in the scan exposes the body to radiation.

It is also not advised to take a CT scan if you are in the pregnancy phase are expected to become pregnant in a while. The radio frequencies may sometimes harm the growing baby. So if you are a pregnant woman, the doctor may ask you to take other imaging techniques such as ultrasound which are relatively much harmless.

If you have allergic reactions to iodine or contrast dye it is recommended to disclose it to your doctor before the scan because the contrast material used for imaging may sometimes trigger allergic reactions. There is also a minute risk of kidney failure due to the use of contrast substances but this situation is very rare.

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