CT Scan Prices in Kolkata [2024]

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CT Scan in Kolkata
CT Scan in Kolkata

Get a discount of upto 50% off on CT scan costs in Kolkata while still enjoying high-quality lab options. Generally, the market price of a CT scan cost in Kolkata is above ₹3500, but with us, you can get it for ₹1330 only. 

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CT Scan Cost in Kolkata

The subsequent list comprises prevalent CT scans conducted in Kolkata, along with the associated offer prices. Please be aware that the prices mentioned are subject to modification. For the latest pricing information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

CT Scan Cost in Kolkata Starting From
CT Brain Price in Kolkata ₹1330
CT Ankle Price in Kolkata ₹3400
CT KUB Price in Kolkata ₹3400
CT Chest Price in Kolkata ₹3000
CT Shoulder Price in Kolkata ₹3400
CT Spine Dorsal Price in Kolkata ₹3240
CT Lower Abdomen Price in Kolkata ₹3400
CT Hip Joint Price in Kolkata ₹3400
CT Whole Spine Price in Kolkata ₹8400
CT Whole Abdomen Price in Kolkata ₹5100
CT Leg Price in Kolkata ₹3330
CT Neck Price in Kolkata ₹3150

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About CT Scan

 A CT scan utilizes multiple X-rays taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images (slices) of your internal organs. These X-ray images are then processed by a computer to create detailed visuals of your bones, blood vessels, and other organs within the body.

CT scans play a crucial role in swiftly examining individuals requiring urgent medical evaluation. This incorporates scenarios such as accidents causing potential internal trauma or individuals undergoing strokes or brain hemorrhages.

CT Scan in Kolkata
CT Scan in Kolkata

Why would a doctor order a CT scan?

When your doctor considers a CT scan, it could be for the following reasons:

  • Swift identification of internal injuries or bleeding: A CT scan helps swiftly identify any potential internal injuries or bleeding that might need immediate attention.
  • Diagnosis of muscle and bone disorders: CT scans aid in diagnosing conditions related to muscles and bones, contributing to accurate assessments.
  • Accurate pinpointing of blood clots, infections, and tumors: The precise locations of issues like blood clots, infections, and tumors can be determined through CT scans, facilitating precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Monitoring of diseases such as cancer, heart, liver, or lung ailments: CT scans are instrumental in monitoring conditions like cancer, heart diseases, liver disorders, and lung ailments, enabling healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions regarding ongoing care.
  • Assessment of treatment progress: Healthcare professionals utilize CT scans to assess the progress of treatments, ensuring that the chosen interventions are delivering the intended results.
  • Guidance for critical procedures like surgeries, biopsies, and radiation therapy: The detailed imaging from CT scans offers essential guidance during procedures like surgeries, biopsies, and radiation therapy, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of these interventions.

How to prepare for a CT scan?

The procedure might involve the following preparations, contingent on the area of focus:

  1. Wearing a hospital gown: To ensure a clear scan, you might need to wear a hospital gown, which prevents any potential interference from regular clothing.
  2. Removing metallic objects: Prior to the scan, you’ll likely be required to remove objects with metal content, including rings, belts, accessories, and eyeglasses.
  3. Dietary restrictions: Depending on the type of scan, you might have to abstain from eating or drinking for a few hours or more. If fasting is applicable, discussing it with your doctor is recommended.

Preparing for a CT scan with contrast

In some cases, a special material called contrast dye might be injected to make certain parts of your body clearer in the scan. This material blocks X-rays and looks white in the images. It’s particularly useful for enhancing the visibility of blood vessels, intestines, and other structures.

Here are different ways you might get contrast materials:

  1. Orally: If the doctor wants to see your stomach or esophagus, you might have to drink a special liquid that has the contrast material. It might taste a bit uncomfortable.
  2. Intravenously: If the doctor needs to look at your blood vessels, gallbladder, urinary tract, or your liver, they might inject the special material into a vein in your arm.
  3. Through rectum: If your intestines need checking, they might put the special liquid into your rectum. This helps them see your intestines better. It might make you feel puffy and uncomfortable.

Preparing your child for a CT scan

In case your toddler has to get a CT scan, the doctor might propose using a sedative to make them feel more at ease and still during the scan. You can have a chat with your doctor to understand how to prepare your child for the CT scan.

What to expect during a CT scan?

CT scans don’t cause any pain and can be done quite quickly with newer machines. In fact, it might only take a couple of minutes to scan your body or organs in newer machines. Still, the complete process might go on for around 30 minutes or a little more.

During the procedure

(1) What the Scanner Looks Like: The CT scanner looks like a standing doughnut with a sliding table that you can lie on. This table has pillows and straps to support your head in case your head needs scanning.

(2) How the Scan Happens: While you’re on the table, a machine with X-rays and detectors goes around you in a circle. It takes pictures of your body in thin slices as it moves. You might hear some buzzing and whirring noises while this is going on.

(3) Who’s Keeping Watch: There’s a technologist in another room who’s keeping an eye on the scan. If you need to talk to them, there’s a way to talk through a speaker system.

(4) Holding Your Breath: To get clear pictures, the technologist might ask you to hold your breath for a little bit during the scan.

(5) When They Scan Your Head: If they’re looking at your head, they use a special holder to keep it still. The scan process is a bit similar, but they’re really careful to make sure your head doesn’t move too much.

After the procedure

You can return to your normal activities. If you got contrast material, the doctors might want you to wait for a little before they give you permission to go. They could also suggest drinking extra water or fluids to help your kidneys remove the contrast material.

Read more about the types of X-rays, preparations, risks, and more here.


What does a CT scan of the bladder show? 

A CT scan of the bladder can show the size, shape, and position of the bladder. It can also detect abnormalities such as tumors, stones, infections, or other conditions affecting the bladder and nearby structures.

How long does a CT scan of the bladder take? 

A CT scan of the bladder typically takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The actual time may vary based on the specific imaging protocol and the complexity of the scan.

Can a CT scan detect urine infection? 

A CT scan itself might not directly detect a urine infection (also known as a urinary tract infection or UTI). However, it can help identify signs of inflammation, infection, or abnormalities in the urinary tract or surrounding structures that might be associated with a UTI.

Do you need a full bladder for a CT scan with contrast? 

No, a full bladder is not required for a CT scan with contrast. In fact, it’s often preferred to have an empty bladder for better visualization of the structures. The contrast dye used during the scan helps enhance the images, and having an empty bladder minimizes interference.

Why would a urologist order a CT scan with contrast? 

A urologist might order a CT scan with contrast to evaluate the urinary tract, including the bladder, kidneys, ureters, and nearby structures. This can help diagnose conditions like urinary stones, tumors, infections, or other issues affecting the urinary system.

Can contrast dye affect your kidneys? 

The contrast dye used in CT scans can potentially affect the kidneys, particularly in individuals with pre-existing kidney problems. This is known as contrast-induced nephropathy. However, modern contrast agents are generally considered safe, and healthcare providers take precautions, such as assessing kidney function before administering contrast and ensuring appropriate hydration, to minimize the risk.

Disclaimer: Please remember that medical decisions should always be made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional, as they can provide personalized recommendations based on individual medical histories and conditions.

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