Dexa Scan Price and Centres in Bangalore [2024]

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Lowest Dexa Scan cost in Bangalore!
Lowest Dexa Scan cost in Bangalore!

Dexa Scan or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry is a special type of X-ray that measures the strength and density of the bones. It is also known as the Bone Mineral Density / BMD test and Bone Densitometry test. 

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Generally, the price of a single site Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore is above ₹2000 but with us, you can get it for ₹935 only.

The following is the list of various Dexa scan studies in Bangalore and their prices. Note that the prices mentioned below may slightly vary from the actual. So, kindly call us to know the updated prices.

Bone Scans or Dexa Scans in Bangalore Prices Starting From
Dexa Scan One Site Price in Bangalore ₹935
Dexa Scan Two Site Price in Bangalore ₹2040
Dexa Scan Three Site Price in Bangalore ₹2558
Dexa Scan Spine Price in Bangalore ₹1620
Whole Body Dexa Scan Price in Bangalore ₹2800

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About Dexa Scan

Dexa scan is a special type of X-Ray done to examine the density level of the bone. Low bone density means the bones are fragile and lack nutrients and it may increase the risk of fracturing your bones more frequently or even from a small accident/injury. Dexa Scan is an effective tool to diagnose osteoporosis, a medical condition of weakened bones that increases the risk of fractures.

Your doctor will ask for a Dexa scan report when he/she suspects that your bone density is lower than the normal levels of someone with your age and gender.

Dexa scan uses the following two types of mechanisms to inspect the bone density depending on the body part that needs to be scanned –

  1. Central device: Used to evaluate the bones present in the hip and spine area
  2. Peripheral device: Used to examine the bones in the wrist, heel, and finger.

Just like any other imaging machine, the Dexa scan machine has an open table attached to the imaging arm on which you will be asked to lie down, focusing the particular body part near the imaging arm. Then the imaging arm moves slowly over the region, thus initiating the scanning process. Unlike MRI which uses radiation, the DEXA scan is taken with the help of a beam of low dosage energy that will be penetrating into your body to picture the images of the bones. The processed images of the bones will interpret the details of your bone density.

Generally, it will take about 20 minutes to complete a Dexa Scan.

Prerequisites For Dexa Scan

You will be asked to stop taking calcium supplements two days before the test.

Other than this, there is no special preparation required to do before the Dexa scan. You can continue with your usual diet and regular activities before the procedure.

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