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ECG Test in Hyderabad
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ECG stands for electrocardiogram. An ECG test helps to record and measure the electrical signals inside the heart. It shows the heartbeat, rhythm, and activity of the heart that helps monitor heart health.

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Discounted ECG Test Cost 

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ECG Test Offer Price
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What Is An ECG? 

ECG stands for electrocardiogram. An ECG test helps to record and measure the electrical signals inside the heart. Heart problems can lead to a direct impact on the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG helps to show the heartbeat, rhythm, and activity of the heart to monitor heart health.

Why Is An ECG Test Done? 

An ECG test is done to help :

  • Detect abnormalities in the heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Find reasons for heart palpitations or unexplained dizziness
  • Monitor if the heart is getting enough blood and oxygen (heart attacks)
  • Assess the effectiveness of any ongoing treatment/ prescribed heart medications
  • To detect cardiomyopathy

How Is The Test Performed?

During an ECG, electrodes – small, round, sticky patches are attached to the chest. These electrodes are connected to a monitor on one end and help to detect the electrical activity of the heart. After the electrodes are placed, the electrical signals produced by the heart are recorded by measuring the heartbeat and rhythm of the heart. These signals are then recorded and displayed on the monitor as waves.

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken Before An ECG Test? 

There are no special preparations required for an ECG test. However, to attach the electrodes, a few things should be kept in mind :

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for the test.
  • Avoid any oil or body lotions on the day of the test.
  • Shaving may be required around the chest.
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