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Elbit Diagnostics: Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Elbit Diagnostics is a leading diagnostic test service provider in Hyderabad and Bangalore. You can get an exclusive discount of a flat 25% discount at Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally by booking through us MFine – India’s leading health tech company.

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Different Modalities in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

Elbit Diagnostics provides various modalities such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound (USG), X-ray, Doppler, ECG, ECHO, and many more pathology tests.

To know the prices of various medical tests in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally, check the table given below.

MRI Scan Cost in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

MRI Scan Discounted Price
MRI Scan Ankle Joint ₹5,250
MRI Scan Brain ₹4,875
MRI Scan Breast ₹9,187
MRI Scan Chest ₹5,250
MRI Scan Defecography ₹8,625
MRI Scan Hip Joint ₹5,250
MRI Scan KUB ₹5,625
MRI Scan Spine Whole ₹11,250
MRI Scan T M Joint ₹5,625
MRI Scan Thigh ₹6,000
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen ₹7,125
Neck MRI ₹5,250

To know the price of other MRI scans in Elbit Diagnostics, call us at 08061970525.

CT Scan Cost in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

CT Scan Discounted Price
CT Scan Brain ₹1,875
CT Scan Chest ₹3,000
CT Scan Guided Biopsy ₹9,750
CT Scan Guided FNAC ₹2,175
CT Scan Hip Joint ₹3,375
CT Scan KUB ₹3,375
CT Scan Lower Abdomen ₹3,375
CT Scan Neck ₹3,000
CT Scan PNS ₹1,875
HRCT Scan Chest ₹3,000
CT Scan Whole Abdomen ₹4,500
CT Scan Upper Abdomen ₹2,175

To know the price of other CT scans in Elbit Diagnostics, call us at 08061970525.

Ultrasound (USG) / Doppler Scan Cost in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

USG / Doppler Scan Discounted Price
DOPPLER Carotid ₹1,710
DOPPLER Obstetric ₹1,530
Ultrasound Breast Both ₹990
Ultrasound Chest ₹810
Ultrasound Follicular Study Single Visit ₹450
Ultrasound-Guided Fnac ₹3,600
Ultrasound KUB ₹810
Ultrasound Level 2 ₹1,440
Ultrasound Neck ₹1,080
Ultrasound NT Scan ₹1,350
Ultrasound Pelvis ₹810
Ultrasound Obstetrics ₹810
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen ₹810
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen ₹810

Call us at 08061970525 to know the price of other ultrasound and doppler scans in Elbit Diagnostics.

X-ray Scan Cost in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

X-ray Scan Discounted Price
NCV Single Limb ₹900
X-Ray Ankle Joint AP View ₹315
X-Ray AP View ₹315
X-Ray Chest AP View ₹315
X-Ray Ivp ₹2,880
X-Ray MCU ₹2,520
X-Ray RGU ₹2,520

Call us at 08061970525 to know the price of other x-ray scans in Elbit Diagnostics.

Other Medical Tests in Elbit Diagnostics, Kukatpally

Radiology Tests

Discounted Price
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Spine ₹1,800
Dexa Scan OR BMD Test – Whole Body ₹3,060
ECG Test ₹180
ECHO Test ₹1,080
EEG Test ₹1,620
Fetal Echo ₹2,250

Call us at 08061970525 to know the price of various other medical tests in Elbit Diagnostics.

About Elbit Diagnostics

Elbit Diagnostics is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand in the year 2003. Elbit aims to raise the standards of medical testing in India with the help of the expert team of faculty and upgraded machines and technology.

Elbit Diagnostics branches in Hyderabad

You can also get a flat 25% off in the following other branches of Elbit Diagnostics.

  • Elbit Diagnostics, Charminar
  • Elbit Diagnostics, Karkhana
  • Elbit Diagnostics, Madhapur
  • Elbit Diagnostics, Banjara Hills
  • Elbit Diagnostics, Dilsukhnagar
For further assistance call us on ☏08061970525

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