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Karyotyping Test in India
Karyotyping Test in India

A Karyotyping test is used to examine chromosomes in the cells of the body. It can help identify genetic problems that may be caused due to certain disorders/diseases. It also helps the doctor look for abnormal numbers or/and structures of chromosomes in the body.

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Karyotyping Test In India By MFine

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Karyotyping Test Cost In India Through MFine

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The following is the list of the most popular cities in India and their Karyotyping test offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.

Karyotyping Test Cost In India Offer Price
Karyotyping Test Cost in Delhi ₹2400
Karyotyping Test Cost in Mumbai ₹2900
Karyotyping Test Cost in Pune
Karyotyping Test Cost in Hyderabad ₹3100
Karyotyping Test Cost in Chennai ₹2900
Karyotyping Test Cost in Bangalore ₹2000
Karyotyping Test Cost in Kolkata ₹2900

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What Is Karyotyping Testing?

A karyotype test is a test that analyses the chromosomes in the cells of the body. This test helps identify the size, shape, and number of chromosomes in the body. Chromosomes are the parts of your cells that contain your genes. Genes are parts of DNA that carry information that defines a person’s unique traits like height, skin, and eye color.

A karyotyping test also helps the doctor look for structural changes in chromosomes of the body and identify any irregularities.

Why Is Karyotyping Testing Done?

A karyotyping test can be done for multiple reasons:

  • To check for genetic disorders in the baby
  • Diagnose genetic diseases
  • Find out the cause of miscarriages
  • Check a stillborn baby

A karyotyping test may be recommended in case of:

  • Miscarriage
  • The child being born with unusual features
  • Development delays

How Is The Karyotyping Test Done?

The Karyotyping test is a simple blood test. A needle will be injected into the vein to draw the blood sample. After drawing the required amount, a cotton ball will be pressed against the puncture site to stop the bleeding.

The collected blood sample will be sent for DNA testing. In some cases, the testing might be done with the saliva sample instead of the blood sample.

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