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Exclusive Offer on Ultrasound Level 2 in Bangalore!
Exclusive Offer on Ultrasound Level 2 in Bangalore!

Ultrasound Level 2 Scan is an extensive imaging test that helps to study your baby’s overall growth. It is generally done in the second trimester of pregnancy (13th – 27th week).

We offer you multiple lab options, an excellent discount of 50%, and assured quality for your Ultrasound Level 2 Scan in Bangalore.

Ultrasound Level 2 Scan in Bangalore by MFine

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The following is the list of the most common Ultrasound Level 2 Scans done in Bangalore and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.
Ultrasound Level 2 Scan in Bangalore Cost through Us
Ultrasound Level 2 ₹1232
Ultrasound Level 2 (Twins) ₹2975

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About Ultrasound Level 2 Scan

A Level 2 Ultrasound is done to examine your growing baby and to inspect the size of developing organs, the position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid, any deformity in the baby, or any other condition.

It gives prominent images of your fetal anatomy and development. Generally, it is recommended in the 20th week of the mother’s pregnancy. It is performed by professionals who help you to understand the real-time images of your fetus during the process.

Anomaly Scan and USG Level 2 are some of the other names for Ultrasound Level 2 Scan

Why an Ultrasound Level 2 Scan is prescribed?

If you have a pregnant woman who is at the second phase of her pregnancy, it is recommended/your doctor will ask to take an Ultrasound level 2 Scan. The reasons why Doctors suggest this scan are as follows:

  • Examine the overall development of the baby,
  • Evaluate the amount of amniotic acid in the mother’s womb,
  • To inspect the position of the growing baby,
  • Assess displayed fetal movements,
  • Determine birth defects or other chromosomal conditions, such as down syndrome
  • To examine other internal tissues such as the placenta or umbilical cord,
  • Assess the mother’s cervix and vaginal canal,
  • Determine the number of babies in the womb.

Prerequisites For Ultrasound Level 2 Scan

Generally, for Ultrasound Level 2 Scan fasting is required for at least 8 hours as the food particles may block the sound waves and do not show a clear picture.

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