3T MRI Scan Price and Centres in Noida [2024]

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The following is the list of the most common 3 Tesla MRI scans done in Noida and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.

3 Tesla MRI Cost in Noida Offer Price
3T MRI Brain Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Spine Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Knee Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Chest Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Ankle Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Elbow Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Shoulder Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Whole Abdomen Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Neck Price in Noida ₹4,500
3T MRI Hand Price in Noida ₹4,500

About 3 Tesla MRI Scan

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the advanced radiology tests that uses magnetic rays to inspect the body organs and helps to produce detailed images of the body. MRI can be done for any body part.

Generally, there are two types of MRI machines used for the scans depending on how deep and clear medical information is needed for diagnosis, they are

  1. 1.5 Tesla MRI &
  2. 3 Tesla MRI. (3T MRI has twice the strength of imaging than a 1.5 Tesla machine)

3 Tesla MRI scan is done to detect and diagnose various abnormalities in the different parts of your body.

3T MRI scan uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to visualize the inner organs of the body. The 3T MRI machine looks like a long tube that has both ends open. The technician will ask you to lie on a table that will slide into the tube. During the process, the radio waves and the magnetic field of the 3T MRI machine are towards your body.

The computer located in a nearby control room picks these signals and produces a detailed image of the inner organs.

In some cases, to acquire an enhanced image of the scanning region, a contrast dye will be injected into your vein through IV. It is vital to remain still / without any physical movement during the complete MRI Scan procedure.

It usually takes about 1 hour depending on the part of the body to be examined.

A 3T MRI scan is generally safe compared to other imaging techniques that use radiation. But, the 3T MRI scan has its own limitations. People with any kind of metallic implants such as pacemakers, artificial heart valves, clips, plates, etc are restricted from taking a 3 Tesla MRI scan.

Prerequisites For 3T MRI Scan

The following are the prerequisites for a 3T MRI scan if the contrast dye is used in the procedure.

  • Minimum 4 hrs fasting required before the scan.
  • Blood Urea and Creatinine report are to be taken with you (latest report).
  • In case of any prior consultation or medical/scan reports take those reports to the lab.

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