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CT Scan or Computed Tomography Scan is an advanced version of a normal X-Ray procedure that uses multiple X-Ray beams to create a more detailed 3-dimensional image of the chest.

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The following is the list of the most common Chest CT scans done in Noida and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.
CT Chest Cost in Noida
Offer Price
CT Scan Chest Price in Noida / NCCT Chest ₹1800
CT Scan Chest Contrast Price in Noida / CECT Chest ₹3510
HRCT Chest Test Price in Noida ₹2565
HRCT Scan Chest Contrast Price in Noida ₹4000

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About CT Scan Chest

CT Scan refers to Computed Tomography Scan. CT Scan Chest is also known as CT Scan Thorax. Multiple x-ray beams are used while performing a CT scan on the chest/thorax. In fact, Computed Tomography scanning is an advanced imaging process for regular X-rays.

CT scan chest is usually done to identify and diagnose various lung-related disorders. CT scan helps in diagnosing lung cancer (during early stages) as they provide very detailed images of the lungs, aiding for better treatment methods.

CT Scan of the thorax or head can help in detecting the following medical conditions

  • Lung cancer
  • Tumor
  • Blood clots
  • Internal injuries
  • Infection
  • Intrathoracic bleeding
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
Chest CT Scan & CT Scan Contrast Chest Cost in Noida
Purpose of a chest CT scan!

Different types of CT scan chest

There are broadly three different types of CT scan chest studies available. They are

1) NCCT Chest Scan

NCCT Chest Scan refers to Non-Contrast Computed Tomography Chest Scan. It is a normal CT scan of the chest or thorax.

2) CECT Chest Scan

CECT Chest Scan refers to Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography Chest Scan. This procedure is supposed to give better-enhanced images of the chest as compared to the normal Chest CT Scan. A radioactive substance or a contrast dye is given to the patient either orally or injected into the vein before the procedure. This substance is absorbed by the body and interacts with the CT Scan to give clear images during the scan.

3) HRCT Chest Scan

HRCT scan refers to a High-Resolution Computed Tomography scan. HRCT scan chest is slightly different from a normal CT scan chest. HRCT chest uses narrow beam collimation to take thin slice images that provide more accurate images of the lungs.

Prerequisites for CT Scan Chest

Follow these simple steps before going for the CT scan chest:

  • Metal instruments like watches, jewelry, piercings, credit/debit cards, pocket knives, pens & eye lenses must be removed.
  • Take off the hearing aids, if any.
  • Don’t go inside the chambers with spectacles on.
  • Take off the braces from your teeth.
  • No hairpins, safety pins, metal zippers are to be taken inside.
  • Fasting is required for a specific number of hours (as instructed by your doctor) before the test if the contrast material is going to be used.

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