Doppler Test Price and Centres in Delhi [2024]

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Exclusive Offer on Doppler Test Cost in Delhi!
Exclusive Offer on Doppler Test Cost in Delhi!

A Doppler test uses high-frequency sound waves that help to evaluate the blood flow in the veins and arteries and to assess any blood clots in your bloodstream.

We offer you multiple lab options, an excellent discount of 60%, and assured quality for your Doppler Test in Delhi.

Doppler Test in Delhi by MFine

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  • 7,500+ Doppler Tests completed 
  • Starting from ₹1500
  • 15+ lab options including Mahajan Imaging, Total Diagnostics, and many more
  • ₹10 lakhs saved in last 3 months

Generally, the market price of the Doppler Test Cost in Delhi is above ₹3500 but with us, You can get it for ₹1500 only

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The following is the list of the most common Doppler Tests done in Delhi and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.
Doppler Test Cost in Delhi Cost through Us
Carotid Doppler  ₹1875
Pelvis Doppler  ₹1600
Penile Doppler  ₹3150
Scrotal Doppler  ₹1820
Renal Doppler ₹2100
Single Limb Arterial Doppler  ₹1500
Single Limb Arterial And Venous Doppler  ₹2000
Single Limb Venous Doppler  ₹1750
Abdomen Doppler  ₹2100
Aortic Doppler  ₹2250
Obstetric Doppler  ₹1875
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