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By MFine Sep 24, 2020
MRI Scan in Kolkata
Lowest MRI Scan Cost in Kolkata

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the full form of an MRI scan. It is a high-tech mechanism of imaging that uses magnetic rays to create a detailed image of a body part. 

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MRI Scan in Kolkata by MFine

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The following is the list of the most common MRI scans done in Kolkata and their offer price. Note that the prices mentioned below may vary. Call us to know the updated prices.

MRI Scan Cost in KolkataOffer Price
MRI Brain Price in Kolkata₹5100
MRI Spine Price in Kolkata₹5100
MRI Knee Price in Kolkata₹5950
MRI Chest Price in Kolkata₹5525
MRI Ankle Price in Kolkata₹6800
MRI Elbow Price in Kolkata₹6300
MRI Shoulder Price in Kolkata₹5950
MRI Whole Abdomen Price in Kolkata₹11050
MRI Neck Price in Kolkata₹5525
MRI KUB Price in Kolkata₹5525
MRI Whole Spine Price in Kolkata₹12750
MRI Leg Price in Kolkata₹5950
MRI Hand Price in Kolkata₹5950

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About MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the full form of an MRI scan. It is an advanced non-invasive imaging technique that detects and diagnoses various abnormalities in your body.

An MRI scan process is performed using strong electromagnetic pulses to check the images of the internal organs of your body. It is efficient enough to detect abnormalities in the internal organs such as the kidney, liver, brain, spinal cord, joints, chest, lungs, etc.

No preparation is required before the procedure. But, occasionally a contrast material will be used to get a detailed picture of the abnormality. In such a case, you should fast for at least 12 hours before the procedure. The contrast dye will be provided either orally or will be injected into the vein.

MRI Scan in Kolkata
MRI Scan in Kolkata

All the metallic contents should be removed before entering the MRI scan room. You may also be asked to change into a gown provided by the lab.

The MRI machine has a sliding table on which you need to lie down to send in for the imaging process. Once you are inside the magnets in the machine will start rotating around the body part that is being diagnosed. This will create a strong electromagnetic field and these signals will be picked up and sent to a special computer to process into an image.

A radiologist will be observing the whole test procedure from the nearby chamber with the help of a mic and speakers.  Usually, it will take up to 90 minutes to complete the entire procedure depending on your study.

An MRI scan is a safe scan and does not involve the use of any radiation. But, the MRI scan has its own limitations. The people who had undergone any heart surgery for a heart valve implant or implanted any kind of metallic clips or plates etc. are not allowed from taking an MRI scan.

Prerequisites For MRI Scan

The following are the prerequisites for an MRI scan if the contrast dye is used in the procedure.

  • Minimum 4 hrs fasting required before the scan.
  • Your Creatinine and Blood Urea reports need to be brought to the scan center.
  • In the case of any former consulting, take your previous medical reports to the lab.
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