PSMA PET CT Scan Price and Centres in Delhi [2024]

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Lowest PSMA Scan Cost in Delhi!
Lowest PSMA Scan Cost in Delhi!

Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) PET CT scan is an advanced imaging technology that helps to detect and diagnose prostate cancer.

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PSMA PET CT Scan in Delhi by MFine

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About PSMA PET CT Scan

PSMA PET scan is a combination of Computed Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography. PSMA PET CT Scan is an effective tool to detect the recurrence of prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy.

You will be requested to lie down on a table that slides into the PET CT machine. Once you are inside the machine, the radiologist starts the process, X-ray beams will pass through your body. The Radiologist will be monitoring the entire process from a nearby room with the help of a connected special computer that will use the signals and convert them into an image.

The entire procedure will take up to 60 minutes.

Prerequisites For PSMA PET CT Scan

There are no prerequisites for the PSMA PET CT scan.

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