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Exclusive Offer on Ultrasound Fibroscan price Delhi!
Exclusive Offer on Ultrasound Fibroscan price Delhi!

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Fibroscan is a specialized ultrasound test to capture live images and conditions of our liver. An Ultrasound Fibrosis test helps to assess the health of your liver.

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About Ultrasound Fibroscan Test

Fibroscan will help your doctor or physician provider learn more about liver disease. It can be prescribed separately or additional tests along with other blood tests, imaging scans, or biopsies that also measure scarring or fatty change in your liver. Ultrasound Fibroscan measures fibrosis (scarring) and steatosis (fatty change) in your liver. It is generally used to analyze other health conditions of your liver such as;

  • Liver inflammation due to liver sickness or alcohol consumption.
  • Suspected of any cancerous or non-cancerous (Benign) tumors in your liver.
  • Heart failure can result in Liver congestion where your liver overgenerates enzymes and become congested with too much blood or other fluids 

An Ultrasound Fibroscan uses high-frequency radio waves to examine the liver condition in our body. Ultrasound Fibroscan shows results in CAP and Fibrosis scores. Your CAP score is a measurement of fatty change in your liver, and your Fibrosis score is the measure of the amount of scarring in your liver.

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