DTPA Scan Price and Centres in Delhi [2023]

Lowest DTPA Renal scan cost in Delhi!
Lowest DTPA Renal scan cost in Delhi!

DTPA Scan (Diethylene Triamine Pentaacetic Acid) which is also called DTPA Renal Scan is a nuclear imaging technique done to evaluate the functioning of the kidney. A radioactive material called radioisotope will be injected into the vein to trace the drainage pattern and to detect any problem.

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About DTPA Scan

It is an effective tool to detect functional and structural abnormalities in the kidneys such as cysts, tumors, swelling, renal arterial blockage, kidney failure, etc.

A technician will inject radioisotope into the vein in your arm a few hours before the test. You will be asked to remain still throughout the scan, as any movement may affect the image. The scanner will pick the signals of radioisotope and send them to a computer to generate a detailed image.

You may be asked to take angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) medication during the scan to examine the functioning of the kidney before and after the medication.

A soft tube called a catheter will be used in case of an empty bladder requirement.

There is no restriction on diet before or after the scanning process, you can continue with your normal diet. The radioisotope injected for imaging purposes will be excreted by the kidney naturally. You may be required to intake more liquids for this.

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Prerequisites For DTPA Scan

The following is the prerequisite of the DTPA scan.

  • In the case of any previous checkup, carry all the recent doctor prescriptions & medical reports to the lab.

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