HIDA, MPI, SPECT, TRODAT, & WB 131 Iodine Scan Price and Centres in Mumbai [2024] | Upto 50% OFF

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Nuclear Medicine Scans Cost in Mumbai - Exclusive 40% Off!
Nuclear Medicine Scans Cost in Mumbai – Exclusive 40% Off!

A HIDA scan also known as hepatobiliary, is a diagnostic scan used to capture images of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and small intestine to help in choosing the medical conditions related to those organs.

An MPI SPECT scan is prescribed to check how well your heart muscles are functioning and to find out what part of your heart muscles are not getting enough blood flow.

TRODAT Scan is prescribed for Parkinson’s disease and to assess how the disease is progressing and to choose the appropriate treatment method.

A 131-iodine scan is a type of nuclear medicine scan that is used for diagnosis and surgical treatment of papillary or follicular thyroid carcinoma, a type of thyroid cancer.

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Nuclear Scan Cost in Mumbai
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MPI SPECT Scan Cost in Mumbai ₹11430
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About HIDA, MPI SPECT, TRODAT, and WB-131 Iodine Scans


HIDA or Hepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid Sca is a nuclear medicine imaging procedure that helps to track the production and flow of bile from your liver to your small intestine. Bile is a fluid secreted by your liver that helps your digestive system break down fats in the foods you eat.

A HIDA scan is typically done in the following medical condition –

  • Gallbladder inflammation, or cholecystitis
  • Bile duct blockages
  • Congenital bile duct abnormalities, such as biliary atresia, a rare condition that affects infants
  • Complications following operations, including bile leaks and fistulas, or abnormal connections between different organs

HIDA scans are also be used to evaluate a liver transplant. After the liver transplant, a HIDA scan is periodically to make sure the new liver is working properly.


TRODAT scan is generally used for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that has some severe neurodegenerative impacts. Parkinson’s disease is more commonly seen in elderly people, above 60 years of age. It stands second after Alzheimer’s disease. 


A Myocardial Perfusion Scan (or MPI) is done to evaluate how well your heart muscles are functioning and to find out what part of your heart muscles are not getting enough blood flow. Typically, angiography has been done for the same purpose. However, an MPI SPECT scan is non-invasive (no instruments need to be introduced inside the body) and is quickly becoming the diagnostic modality of choice in these cases.

The MPI SPECT scan shows if there is any heart muscle that is not functioning properly or getting less blood flow due to blocked arteries.

WB-131 Iodine Scan

A 131-iodine scan is a type of nuclear medicine scan that is used for diagnosis and surgical treatment of papillary or follicular thyroid carcinoma, a type of thyroid cancer.

It is also prescribed to evaluate the residual thyroid tissue and plan for radioiodine ablation with subsequent follow-up.

How Are The Scans Performed?


  • You will be asked to lie back on a table and stay very still. Then a gamma camera called a scanner above your belly is placed.
  • A radioactive tracer will be injected into your vein.
  • The tracer will move through your body’s bloodstream to your liver, where bile-making cells absorb it. Then the tracer will move with the bile into your gallbladder, through the bile duct, and into the small intestine.
  • The tracer helps in producing accurate images with the help of the gamma camera as it moves through your body.


Similar to the HIDA scan an MPI SPECT scan uses a radioactive material (tracer) to produce 2D and 3D images of organs and areas within the body.

  • You will be injected with the radiotracer material.
  • After the radiotracer is given you will have to wait for around 45-60 minutes before the scan to begin.
  • Two sets of images are taken – the first at rest and the second after inducing some physical stress either by asking you to walk on a treadmill or cycle. If you are unable to walk on a treadmill, you might be given pharmacological stress using Adenosine/Dobutamine. The second set is taken after a gap of around 45-50 minutes.

Are There Any Preparations Required Before The Test?

For HIDA Scan

  • 4 hours of fasting is mandatory before the HIDA scan
  • During the procedure, you will be asked to consume fatty meals to see the function of the gallbladder. You will be requested to carry a meal from home.


  • Avoid taking Beta-blockers (a type of blood pressure medicine) 48 hours before the scan day. However, consult this with your doctor.
  • 4 hours of fasting is required before the scan.
  • Avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolates, soft drinks, cocoa, etc) 12 hours before the scan in a treadmill test and 24 hours before the scan with the Adenosine.
  • Men should have their chest shaved
  • It is recommended to come wearing sport shoes


  • You will be asked to stop taking any anti-Parkinson medicines or Syndopa 1 day prior to the scan.

For WB-131 Iodine Scan

  • Minimum 2 hrs fasting is required on the day of dose administration.
  • The scan will take place after 24-48 hours of oral administration of the radioactive iodine.
  • On the day of the scan, no fasting is required.

Other than these, there are no special preparations required. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and remove any metallic items like jewelry, watches, chain, pocket knives, etc before the scan. Women who are pregnant or expected to get pregnant must inform the lab technician beforehand, to consider whether to undergo the scan or not.

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